Naturpark Tiroler Lech

One of the last wild rivers in Central Europe

The river Lech ultimately influences the picture of the nature park. On a total area of about 40 square kilometers, the Tyrolean Lech Nature Park offers insights into the most diverse habitats and forms of vegetation.

Untamed Lech – one of the last wild rivers in the Alps – makes its way through the Lech Valley to expand his extensive and widely branched wetlands. From the Allgäu Mountains in the north to the Lechtal Alps in the south molds the river Lech the character and landscape of the Nature Park. The biological diversity is almost immeasurable: over one thousand species of plants happily thrive here together with rare specimens of crayfish, amphibians and Koppen (small fishes). The diversity of people includes recreation seekers, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers who choose Lech Nature Park of Tirol as their destination.